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Thirty Years of Model Aircraft Building and Flying


sportace.jpg (124457 bytes)

"Sporty Ace" My first Bi-plane

cherokee.jpg (142235 bytes)

VK Viking "Cherokee"

skooter.jpg (65910 bytes)


cessna.jpg (110590 bytes)

Cessna  Skylane 182.  First plane with flaps.

bit.jpg (15947 bytes)

"Bitburger Bomber"  
Notice the bomb under the belly.

chili.jpg (181169 bytes)

Graupner "Chili" super slope soarer.

sagitta.jpg (182117 bytes)

Simprop "Sagitta" Aerobatic sloper.   
Traded with Shawn for Graupner "Junior"

junior.jpg (24144 bytes)

Graupner Junior I got back from Shawn.  
I was the original owner. Mojave Desert!

uglystik.jpg (54938 bytes)

"Ugly Stik" Flying from the taxiway at Spangdahlem AB, Germany

geebee.jpg (20584 bytes)

Gee Bee "Dreamer" from Spang. Germany

varmit.jpg (16355 bytes)
Mark Levoe "Varmit" in the Mojave Desert.
crash.jpg (215486 bytes)
Mid-air with Shawn Keller.  The combat experience was a tie.
crash2.jpg (213274 bytes)

My brand new "Night Hawk" destroyed by Shawn Keller!

stubbi.jpg (180968 bytes)

Howard Short and my first attempt at a flying wing, very good flyer.  Plans Here in DXF.

mirage.jpg (209960 bytes)

WACO "Mirage"

hlg.jpg (226411 bytes)

"Lil Devil" HLG after retrieving from Eucalyptus tree!

ssjss.jpg (145003 bytes)

SSJSS at Fall Festival 1998

tbfly4.jpg (12892 bytes)

36" Wingspan Speed 400 Electric, fully aerobatic. A fantastic flying plane!

tf86_yak.jpg (16547 bytes)

F86 and Yak9 EPP foamie combat models.

SR Batteries "Cutie" Park Flyer.  Highly Recommended!!!

Fantasy-III From Art Hobbies.  Powered by Jeti Phasor 30/3, 7 1300mah cells and 12x6 prop.  Results in 3 1/2 minute motor run and 60 degree climb to 1000' in 20 seconds!

tE3d2.jpg (18981 bytes)

Gary Wright Models E3D.  Hacker Power,
10 2400mah cells, 8 minute flights, unlimited vertical!

tE3D ski3.jpg (11582 bytes)

E3D on skis.

Click here to download E3D for RealFlight G2

Waco Millenium

tSalsa XL1.jpg (14667 bytes)

Salsa-XL Discus Launched Glider (DLG)
tGambler.jpg (14866 bytes)

Modified scratchbuilt Gambler+ builtup DLG

My First Helicopter a
Mikado Logo 10 Deluxe 06
Hacker A30-8XL Motor

Click here to download the 
Logo 10 for RealFlight G2 or G3


There is a review in the Oct 2008 Issue of RCSD