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Desert Storm

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The worlds greatest aircraft, F-4G "Wild Weasel". 
This was taken during a patrol of the no fly zone over Northern Iraq during Provide Comfort,1991.

SR Batteries Cutie

tbomb10.jpg (6786 bytes)          

          tbomb11.jpg (4306 bytes)

SR Batteries Cutie helping to get rid of the Al Queda

tfloat2.jpg (6146 bytes) tfloat3.jpg (5476 bytes)
SR Batteries Cutie first float flight. SR Batteries first float landing!

Visalia Fall Soaring Festival 2002

tAwaiting Launch.jpg (5816 bytes) tLaunching.jpg (5707 bytes)
Awaiting Launch Launching
tSearching for Lift.jpg (6972 bytes) tLanding.jpg (7204 bytes)
Searching for Lift Landing

Real Aviation Files

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Check out the landing gear on this KC-135 tanker.   Read the accompanying article, it's quite miraculous! Click Here. 

tportsmouth.gif (3911 bytes)
The FAA does have a sense of humor.
GPS Rwy 16 at Portsmouth, NH.