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D-Day Beaches

The following photos are from my recent trip to Normandie France, the D-Day beaches. 
We flew but weren't able to get any air photos as the weather wasn't very nice. 

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This is Bloody Omaha.


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Photo on left is the "Mulberry", center photo is "Pegasus Bridge" and the right is the American Cemetary in Normandie.


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The photos above are from Utah Beach located at "Pont Du Hoc".  Some big gun placements.

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In July of 1999 I finally got to fly over the D-day beaches on our way to the British Channel Island of Jersey. 

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This is the Mulberry, Pegasus Bridge, Point Du Hoc and the American Cemetary from the air.  The Mulberry is very impressive from the air.   The last photo is a fortification from the Occupied Channel Island of Jersey.

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