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Aerowinx PS1 747

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VNAV Demonstration

Here's a VNAV tutorial demonstrating climbs/descents with FMC versus MCP restraints. 
PS1.3  747-400 Simulator by Hardy Heinlin of Aerowinx required. 
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Lock On: Modern Air Combat

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Here's a realistic mission of air-to-air refueling in nasty weather.
Inspired by William L. Smallwood's book, Warthog, "Flying the A-10 in the Gulf War".

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Here's a photo of what it looks like.
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Falcon 4.0: Allied Force

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Below are stories and missions of the life of Lt. Falcon.
Note:  Place mission files in the following directory:  \F4AF\Campaign\Balkans

Episode 1:  "Air to Ground Checkride"  
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to save.  ~600kb

Episode 2:  "Recurrency"
Click Here to save.  ~420kb

Episode 3:  "Refuel"
Click Here to save.  ~90kb


Tutorial on how to fly a TACAN DME ARC to an ILS, from Episode 2
Click Here to save.  ~655k

Fly as the "FAC" or "On-Call CAS" in this simple TE
Click Here to save.  ~10k

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Here's my Saitek X-45 HOTAS File 
   (verion 1.04 compatible)
Click Here to view key locations on the HOTAS
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Thanks to a FREE communications program I made a profile for Shoot.
Click Here for a photo of what the keys do.
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Checklist.  Note:  Work in progress
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