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   Incirlik AB, Turkey 1991

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Tent City in Turkey, note the mud.  Third picture is the chow hall and bottom left   is the showers.  What a mess this place was.  We had to clean our kerosene heater every other night after a 14 hour duty day.  I think we blew soot out of our nose for months.

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 Kuwait, 1992

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Left photo is me in desert BDU's.  Middle photo is a tank with oil all over it.  The rear of the tank in the bottom right corner is the color it should be,  notice how the full photo tank is darkened due to oil?   Right photo is the ditch that was dug around Kuwait and filled with oil and was going to be lit on fire to keep the ally ground forces out.


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Highway of Death.


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Hardened Aircraft Shelters, notice in the far right photo how thick they were.


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All I can say is don't mess with the USA!


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This was a telecommunications site just south of Iraq.  I'm told it was taken out with 500 pounders by the Navy.  Nice job.

This is a condensed version of a speech Brig. Gen. Mark Welsh gave to cadets at the U.S. Air Force Academy on Aug. 26.  Click Here.
This paper was written by Susan Higginbotham about her husband (Roger) and my experiences during the gulf war.  Click Here.

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