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I'm retired from the USAF.

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I'm now a pilot for Exec Air Montana.


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- The flags are the countries I've been to. 
   I've also been to the U.S./British Island of Ascension in the South Atlantic. 
- I enjoy flying Radio Controlled models in my spare time. 


- Miscellaneous Photos and Files:
- Weather  Real aviation flight planning and weather.
- D-Day:  Thanksgiving 1998 I visited the D-day beaches.   Here are some photos of Omaha and Utah Beaches
- Desert Storm:  Photos of Turkey, Kuwait and the results of Desert Storm.
- R/C Models:  Thirty years of model airplane building, flying, and destruction Photos
- Flight Sim Files:  Files for airplanes.   Models, real aircraft and flight simulators. Files for flight simulators.
- Links:  Links I use for my flight planning.